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Rope Halters

A halter, headcollar, or, less often, headstall, is headgear that is used to lead or tie up livestock and, occasionally, other animals; it fits behind the ears (behind the poll), and around the muzzle. To handle the animal, usually a lead rope or lead shank is attached.

Halters may be made entirely of rope or a combination of leather and rope (nose band/nose piece is made of plaited/braided leather)

Below are photos of rope halters that Leather Forever have produced.
When you order – you are able to choose color, difficulty of work, type of rope
Rope halter with nose band plait  $ 85
Rope halter with nose piece plait from cotton sting  $ 145
Rope halter with nose piece plait from leather         $ 195
– please contact Jozef for more information.

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