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After years of dedicated practice, many braiding artisans reach the point of mastery.  Not only are Masterpieces crafted with an interwoven array of shades and colors, they contain the highest plait counts using complex designs and techniques.  No two items are ever the same.  Their beauty and uniqueness shine in equal measure in both competitive arenas and the homes of horse lovers around the world.

Rope Halter 1001

Halter, nose piece plait 16 kangaroo rawhide laces , extra nose band plait kangaroo lace + hardware Jeremiah Watt , $ 250

masetrpice35/8″ bosal – cord/cheeks 16 string cow rawhide + anion dye, nose button with interviewing,
8 strand mecate 24ft long – burgundy color Herman Oak Leather, price : $ 1630


Santa Barbara with Star Half Breed Bit ( Jeremiah Watt ) , black&grey kangaroo leather bridle , 8 strand Herman Oak split reins , $ 1250


Hackamore  – 2 shade of black , Bosal  – 1/2″ , cheek/cord 12 string extra thick and soft kangaroo laces, Hanger –  9 string Trenza Patria patent, Mecate – 24ft , 12 string extra thick and soft kangaroo laces.