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Curb Strap

A curb strap, or curb chain, is a piece of horse tack used on any type of curb bit. It is a flat linked chain or braided strap that runs under the chin groove of the horse, between the bit shank purchase arms. It has a buckle or hook attachment and often has a “fly link” in the middle to apply a lip strap. Normally the horse is bridled with the curb chain undone,  it is then fastened and adjusted once the horse has been bridled. When unbridling, undo the curb chain/strap also. This keeps the bit from getting caught or hung up in the horses mouth while inserting or removing the bit”.

Below are photos of curb straps that Leather Forever have produced.

When you order – you are able to choose color, difficulty of work, type of leather
 Shoofly $ 95
 Curb strap $ 105
 Curb strap with shoofly  $ 155
– please contact Jozef for more information.

Click photos for larger versions.