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About JP

joz-horseJozef Petrasovic was born in 1960 in Slovakia, Eastern Europe, formerly under communist rule.  His interest in travelling brought him to Australia and he settled in Northern NSW.

Back in Slovakia, Jozef worked with his brother Peter for 15 years tailoring men’s clothing. Jozef learned how to pay attention to detail in carefully crafting each article to both suit the tastes of his customers, and fit each individual body for maximum comfort.

Changing tailoring for braiding was an easy transition, because many of the same techniques apply.  For instance, shades of colours, patterns, combinations of materials and textures.  These techniques are demonstrated in the wide array of items in the photo gallery, and you are welcome to browse through the images.

Jozef’s career in these two areas of design has spanned more than 25 years.  During this time he has developed a strong business ethic for dealing efficiently with his customer’s orders.

Back in Europe, Jozef began riding in 1992.  Over the past 10 years in Australia his interest and involvement with horses has deepened.  He has become very familiar with both the needs of riders and the preferences of horses, and crafts his products to facilitate the perfect ride for both. 




“….from the way I look at life, I truly believe that when we pass on from this world we cannot take our experience with us.  So I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested.  Other people helped me to develop my level of expertise, and so now I give back by helping newcomers to plaiting to refine their own skills.   What goes around comes around.  I enjoy inter-acting with people at the many shows and clinics I attend, and am happy to share my skills with other plaiting enthusiasts.  This most recently happened at Tamworth in January, 2016….. “